In 9 years of operation, HERMES has secured funding from governmental agencies to conduct innovative research as well as contracts to implement programs and support client initiatives. Our client base includes government and non-governmental organizations, donor agencies, and corporate clients:

Government projects

Adaptation of post-disaster mental health training for black communities
The Division of Developmental Translational Research, National Institute of Mental Health funded HERMES LLC to conduct a Phase I and Phase II SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) project that included literature and resource review, needs assessment, developing audience-specific hard copy and web-based training materials, and feasibility testing. Phase II is ongoing and involves mixed method evaluation of training with a multi-site field trial. Abstract

End of Violence against Women on College Campuses Program
The HHS/OPHS/ Office on Women's Health awarded HERMES LLC contract to develop, implement, and evaluate a new comprehensive program and build a campus-community consortium to mount a unified front against violence against women.

HIV/AIDS/STD Prevention Education for Women Attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities
The HHS/OPHS/ Office on Women's Health awarded HERMES LLC with 3 consecutive awards to develop, implement, and evaluate HIV/AIDS/STD prevention projects. Our seven years of capacity building resulted sustainable spinoff projects and programs that continue to grow. Abstract

Researcher and Community Partner Training Models for Collaborative Mental Health Research
The National Institute of Mental Health awarded HERMES Phase I and II Small Business Innovative Research Contracts to develop and test a unique training model that assists partners in navigating the challenges of community-participatory research. Abstract

Academic contracts

Web-based Survey of Students and Staff on Women's Needs
HERMES was contracted by North Carolina Central University to develop, implement a web-based survey.

Collaborative HIV/AIDS Prevention and Mental Health Treatment
Subcontract to Duke University/Duke University Health System to provide strategic planning guidance for the adaption of an evidence-based Illness Management and Recovery (IMR) model for use among HIV-positive individuals with mental disorders in a community-based mental health treatment and risk reduction intervention.

Comparison of Didactic Presentations and Drama to Promote Cardiovascular Health
HERMES designed and conducted the formative and outcome assessment for study comparing didactic community presentations with a culturally tailored drama-based intervention "Heart to Heart: "Ain't your heart worth saving."

Nonprofit sector contracts

WINNERS Program to Assist HIV Positive women of Color in Treatment Adherence
HERMES was contracted by the Community Education Group to develop a formative and outcome evaluation for a demonstration program designed to enhance access to and retention in quality HIV care for women of color.

Gang Unit Program
HERMES was contracted by the New Hanover Police Department to provide Parent Teen educational workshop on sexual health and HIV prevention for youth at risk of gang membership.

Triangle Family Services
HERMES was contracted to design a multi-level evaluation study of the DOSE (Domestic Offenders Sentenced to Education) intervention program using mixed methods including qualitative assessments, surveys and existing data.

Private Sector Alliances
  • Abt Associates
  • Research Triangle Institute
  • Westat
  • Development Associates Inc.
  • Health Strategies International
  • The Water Institute at UNC
  • E² Inc.
  • JXT Applications, Inc
  • Medical Decision Logic, Inc.
  • Battelle
  • PPD, Inc.
  • TeachPath Training Group

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