HERMES, LLC was founded in 2002 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA, by UNC trained Epidemiologist Danielle Laborde who is a native of France. HERMES grew out of earlier initiatives in the areas of intervention research and a desire to bring more rigorous measurement of outcomes and testing innovative and economically viable public health strategies. In establishing HERMES, Dr. Laborde was joined by other epidemiologists and colleagues in health education, project management, and training and evaluation with strong ties to Research Triangle area communities. The majority of HERMES' senior staff and associates have worked together on prior academic and/or applied research and maintained their relations over several years. The name HERMES stands for Health and Education Research, Management, and Epidemiologic Services. In October 2007, the company moved its headquarters to Wilmington, North Carolina while keeping a satellite office in Durham, adjacent to Research Triangle Park.

HERMES is rapidly expanding its contribution to the public health field through delivery of accountable research services and testing of sustainable risk reduction interventions worldwide. We see affordable and culturally adaptable interventions as a cornerstone of national and international health solutions. We address the challenges of using research methods to validly plan and assess these interventions. Our combination of academic and public health competencies, being sticklers for the science and passionate for the art of our vocations allow us to customize professional consulting as well as international technical assistance and training services.

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